Producer Montreal infringement festival, 2004 – present
Steering Committee Member Theatres Against War (NYC), 2001 - present
Artistic Facilitator Optative Theatrical Laboratories, 2000-present
Studio Director infinitheatre, 1998-1999
Entertainments Coordinator London & York Dungeons: England, 1995-1997
Researcher Quebec Drama Federation, 1994-1995
Artistic Director Wahoo Family Theatre Co., 1993-1995




Grease: Director, JPPS, Montreal, 2006

Bury the Dead: Assistant Director, Working Class Productions, Montreal, 2005

The Lysistrata Project: Director, OTL, Montreal, 2003

Skeleton Staff: Director, David Fennario, UFP Québec Election Campaign, 2003

Miss Julie: a theatrical experiment into the psychosis of a. strindberg: Director, University of Calgary, 2000

Some Mother: Assistant Director, University of Calgary, 2000

Polly Honeycombe: Director, University of Calgary, 2000

Waiting For God: Director, Nickel & Dime Productions, Calgary, 1999

Call Me: Director, infinitheatre, Montréal, 1999 * MECCA Award – Best Production (semi-professional)*

Godspell: Director, Lewisham Operatic Society, London, England, 1996

Mrs. Fieldstone’s Water Retention Problem: Director, Greene Pressure Theatre, Montréal, 1995

The Hand that Cradles the Rock: Co-Director, Iona Theatre, Montréal, 1994

The Tinker’s Wedding: Director, Wahoo Family Theatre, 1994

The Misanthrope: Director, Wahoo Family Theatre, 1993

Tiger Mouth: Director, Kindergarten Players, Montréal, 1993

Mirror Game: Director, J.R.H.S. - New York Exchange, 1993

Cabaret ’92: Assistant Director, John Abbott College, 1992

Balconville: Director, John Rennie Theatre, 1989





My Grad Date Glen  Ron Hollywood Productions, 2004
Death by Latté Activist  Optative Theatrical Laboratories, 2004
The Legend of Jackie Robinson Paul  Tom Fennario, 2003





Groupe-Conseil L’Entracte: Consultant/Actor, Lead role for La Grande Masquerade. 2007-present

Les Fantômes du Vieux-Montréal/GuidaTour: Actor, Bilingual guided haunted tours. 2006-present

David Productions/Fairmont Hotel: Actor, Game Show Animator for corporate clientele, Mt. Tremblant, 2006

Sinking Neptune: Dramaturge/Organizer/Performer: OTL, Montreal, 2005-2006

David Productions: Actor, Animated Halloween Parties, Montreal, 2003 - 2005

Death by Latté: Performer/Organizer: OTL, Montreal, 2004

infringement festival: Founder/Organizer: OTL, Montreal & international, 2004 - present

Car Stories: Artistic Facilitator, Optative Theatrical Laboratories, Montreal, 2001 - present

Wal*Jam: Invisible Theatre Facilitator, OTL, Montreal, 2003

Quartier des contre-Spectacles: Performer/Organizer, OTL/Place des Arts, Montreal, 2003

Stones Scandal: Performer/Organizer, Galway Arts Festival, Ireland, 2001

FJOLZ!: Performer, Elvagel Performance Festival, Elsinore, Denmark, 2001

CorporACT: Actor, Auckland, New Zealand, 1997- 1998

John Abbott Police Technology Dept.: Crisis Intervention Actor & Coordinator, 1990-1995

Monsterworld Inc., Chateau Greystoke: Actor & Administrator, Montréal, 1994




The Captives Sisyphon  Knebworth House, England
Ever After Nigel Out Of Our Heads & One Yellow Rabbit, Calgary
The Tempest Caliban Stage 2 Productions, Auckland, New Zealand
Anne of Green Gables Mr. Phillips Montreal Concordia Players & ACT, Hong Kong
Manhattan, Je Vous Dis Cop Theatre 21st Century, Montréal
Who Ran Off With Dr. Seuss? Various Wahoo Family Theatre Co., Montréal Fringe Fest.
The Misadventures…. Balrog Concordia University Theatre Department
Rising of the Moon Sergeant Wahoo Family Theatre Co., Montréal
St. George & the Dragon Father Christmas Mummering Company, Montréal
L’Avare/The Miser Cleante Thé à l’âtre, Montréal Fringe Festival
Oedipus Rex Teiresias John Abbott College
Brighton Beach Memoirs Eugene John Abbott College
Orpheus Descending Pee Wee John Abbott College
Story Theatre Various John Abbott College
Painted Creek Mescal Créations Etc., Montréal
Metrocosme Various Créations Etc., Montréal
Our Town Mr. Webb John Abbott College
Skin Mr. Lizard John Rennie Drama Dept.
Once in a Lifetime Kammerling  John Rennie Drama Dept.
Peter Pan Starkey  Rathbone Theatre Co., Montréal
Balconville Gaetan Bolduc John Rennie Drama Dept.




Optative Free Press: A Dramaturgical Toolbox for Sinking Neptune, 2005

Indie Theatre Times and Review: various articles, 2003-present

University of Calgary: Optative Theatre: a critical theory for challenging Oppression and Spectacle, 2004

Vardon PLC, London: The Warders Bible, 1997

Vardon PLC, London: Strategies to enhance live entertainments at London and York Dungeons, 1996

Quebec Drama Federation: Doing Theatre in Montreal, 1995





Stage Management (3 credit course), Concordia University, 1994

Grandma Wahoo’s Favourite Stories: Stage Manager, 1994

Oliver!: A.S.M., Kids in Action, 1992

Godspell: A.S.M., Kids in Action, 1992

Fiddler on the Roof: A.S.M., Kids in Action, 1991





Guerilla Vids: Camera operator, assistant editor, general tech, Montreal, 2003 - present

Rising Son: Sound & Lighting Operator, Theatre 21st Century, Montréal, 1994

Lion in the Streets & Love Talker: Props Construction, Concordia University, 1992

Snoopy: Rigging, Set Construction, Stage Crew, Kids in Action, 1992