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Donovan King is a specialist in the field of haunted acting. With 15 years working as a performer, consultant, acting coach, facilitator, conceptualizer, dramaturge, translator, and administrator, King is an expert on live performances found within haunted attractions, on ghostly walking tours, and elsewhere. King has worked internationally in the horror field with important clients such as the London and York Dungeons in the UK, where he pioneered haunted acting techniques and a training program for horror performance. Currently based in Montreal, Québec, King continues to work as a performer and consultant for various haunted attraction organizations, such as Canada’s biggest Hallow’een festival, La Grande Masquerade. King holds three post-secondary theatre degrees, including a DEC in Professional Acting, BFA in Drama-in-Education, and the Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre Studies, and has also published several works on topics ranging from haunted acting to forgotten ghosts. Despite an often hectic schedule as theatre artist, drama teacher, and artistic director, Donovan King is currently available for consultation and potential performance for haunted attractions and other horror projects in North America and beyond.


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